June 10, 2013

Reflections and Explorations of the Modern Music Industry

Noticing where an industry is situated now is not as important as knowing where it’s going to be in the future.  As with any business, the key is to look ahead in time in order to position yourself for changes in business and culture.  Of the many types of industries a person can be in, none is more dynamic than the music industry.  Perhaps the fashion or entertainment industry is also constantly changing, but only in music can a single song really change the entire direction.  DJs who spin popular music understand that while they can control what type of music is given to the listeners, they have to listen to the crowd to determine what they’ll like.

This type of change in music culture is taking place at the top level – at the lower levels there is much more to the business than clubs and gigs.  Open up any music magazine and it will focus on things like new technology and upcoming artists, but rarely does it look deeper into the seedy parts of the industry, and the basic ideas that drive business.  This is one of those places that you really don’t want to know about but can be eye opening once you dig deep.