June 10, 2013

Jay-Z Nears $20 Million Roc Nation, Samsung Deal

I think that many of us, who like new changes to our devices, hate it when the manufacturer bloats the equipment with their own gear.  For example both Apple and Samsung have a tendency to outfit their latest devices with software that we would rather not have.  We enjoy the new technology but are annoyed at the fact that we cannot have it our way.  For this reason I am not surprised that phone company specific music hubs aren’t used that often.  Pandora doesn’t make a phone but they make a radio subscription service that is enjoyable to use.  Since exploitation of proprietary software doesn’t always work, the next best thing is to get an add boost using professionals or celebrities.

We’ve seen it before.  You have a Tiesto pair of headphones, or a limited edition mixer that got the O.K. from DJ Qbert.  These won’t make a product fly off the shelves like hotcakes, but they do allow some clever advertising to work without ads thrown up in your face.  Jay-Z recently signed some sort of deal with Samsung, the specifics are unknown – but the cost has been reported to be 20 million dollars.  He might be financing his own mobile music source.