June 10, 2013

Rock Your Personal Social Media When You’re Totally Swamped!

Working musicians and other entrepreneurs involved in the music industry have to be many different people a day sometimes.  Depending on their ego, they have to be the father, husband, or boyfriend at home (same for the opposite sex), and then they have to put on the business or personal that they are known to be in the professional world.  These two faces of the working man have always existed in some form, and when egos are injected into the lifestyle, a balance between the two needs to be made.  These days there is a third persona that has to be cultivated; this is the persona of the internet profile.

It stands to reason that a good social media background source or a virtual resume will act as one half of your actual self.  Even the most thick headed computer users know how to long into Facebook and make a few posts about their day.  The professional needs to be a master at this.  While it is hard to find time for your third self, using a strategy and uniform process to creating content will help you avoid the confusion when using too many different social media outlets.  It always starts with planning.