June 10, 2013

Songs Fans Love + Songs That Suck

Getting music to the listeners has never been a problem for a savvy internet user.  They can acquire a song they like from multiple sources for a nominal fee, or they can choose to simply download the song without paying a thing.  Hunting for a song in this manner is not the hardest thing in the world, but discovering new music that you like and don’t like it quite a bit trickier.  Many different algorithms have been used in the industry to form personal song selections with elements that are enjoyed from person to person.  The real question comes down to: “Where are they getting these songs from?”  I’m sure any music service can find similar music to what the listener is already subjected to – but how do they know to pick from indie artists or popular artists?

This is really a fundamental issue with any paid music subscription program.  Even beat pools for DJs cannot be reliable since the powers that be choose where to stock the pool from.  Large backers and investors have a heavy say in what kind of music they want being used – and this means that they have say over what label is getting paid.