June 10, 2013

Talent VS. Taste.

How many DJs, musicians, and producers are really in it for the long haul?  How many of them will claim to be original yet will end up selling their careers by being the tool that businesses want them to be?  Think about how many rap and rock stars are in existence now, now try to remember the ones that are no longer with us.  It’s hard to remember the ones that faded out of existence right?  The trouble is that it was never about the artists’ skill or talent, it was about how marketable they were and how much could be made off them.  Serious jazz musicians know what it is like to be paid very little for having a good amount of talent because there is simply no market for it.

Some DJs will immediately switch their style and do whatever it takes to win the crowd over, and instead of giving them originality we have given them a watered down version of what a DJ is supposed to be.  The sad truth is that artists who are trying to do their hobby for money will be faced with this problem and will have to find their own way out of it.  Like I said, few are in it for the long haul.