June 11, 2013

Rare Books For DJs and Producers

Does anybody still read literature on their favorite subjects?  If you favorite subject is math or biology, then yes, the first place you will want to look for information is a nice thick textbook.  For other fields such as the arts, a book can only get you so far.  A video is really priceless in comparison since depicting or drawing a turntable isn’t going to help you as much as actually seeing what the turntable does on camera.  I think it is safe to say that reading a book on technique can help you out, but shutting up and just watching someone do it is far more useful.   There are other types of books about music and DJing that can be of use, and not all of them are related to technique.

The history of DJing itself might be worth a look since it gives you an idea of how the art evolved, and how it went from a hobby to an entire industry.  If you want to get even more basic – reading up on the history of sound itself might clue you in to how their idea of recordable music was thought of.  Sound has also been used as a weapon of sorts in the past.