June 11, 2013

CDs — are they really dead to DJs?

The next revision of the Macbook Pro is sure to be a big deal, at least to those who care.  Many are already sick of the high pricing for Apple products when a similar priced Windows laptop could cost half as much for the same amount of performance.  The guys at Apple recently announced changed to their newest laptop, and one shocker that is not surprising is the disc drive, which has not been omitted.  Removing that drive could certainly free up enough space to add some extra ports and other addition, but the engineers feel that the time is not right to give the CD drive the boot.

People still used CDs, and even DJs have a hard time letting go of their CD collection.  They aren’t large and clumsy like vinyl records, but they aren’t exactly shatter proof either.  The thing is that some DJs are either too stubborn or too romantic to imagine their lives without a tangible form of media, and they like the idea that they are still a part of the “DJing machine”.  Perhaps they also like the feeling of being part of their car with a manual transmission; instead of an automatic that does all of the work for you.