June 11, 2013

Music has died now I’ve thrown away my CDs

Believe it or not, it is harder than ever these days to have a music collection that you are truly proud of.  That isn’t to say that we don’t have enough music or enough choice in our music – but maybe it is to say that we have such an abundance of choices that we don’t really care about the music we own.  Think about the times when music was hard to get.  You could either sit by your radios, hoping your favorite song would come on (and then press record on your cassette when ready), or you have to think of what you wanted and go to the record store to buy a CD.  When we thought of music as something scarce, we were more likely to cherish what we owned.

I’d say that most producers and DJs have music scattered about their collection of hard drives, laptops, and computers.  They know they have the song somewhere, but it cannot be had without some searching.  More often than not, we can’t even remember the name of the song to search place.  Some would think that deleting your entire collection of music would be a bad move – but I think it is brilliant.  Why not start somewhere new?