June 11, 2013

Daryl Hall & Chromeo – I Can’t Go For That

Think back to some of the most famous songs out there; the classics, or Beatles songs that are hard to shake.  Turn on the oldies radio and you will hear songs from the 60’s and 70’s that are still catchy, even for youngsters who listen to their Dad’s radio stations.  Something that should be evident from only a few minutes of listening is how simple these songs actually are.  They had to be record live by a live band, without the aid of computers – so it had to be playable and easily conceptualized in order to create.  This is something we don’t really have anymore.

We can carry the tune of any modern pop song quite well, but when you actually want to replicate it you find yourself needing a host of instruments and software to do it.  Some songs are so convoluted that it would be impossible to reverse engineer the instruments being used in it.  This really says something about the simplicity and minimalism of older pop songs that we still hear.  The formula doesn’t need to be complicated, and in fact the simple ones are often easiest to relate to.  I fear the music making will only become more complicated in the future.