June 12, 2013

Livid Base Touch Controller

The Ableton Push hardware was a hot item for those who are looking to up their production game.  In many ways, the purpose of buying such a devices is to free yourself from the toyishness of other types of MIDI controllers.  Sure, the Novation Launchpad looks the part and performs well, but it doesn’t feel like a solid controller that you could really bang up.  Other MIDI controllers also suffer from either a lack of build quality (and hence longevity), or they are not suited to be used in Ableton Live.  If you have seen and touched the Ableton Push in person, you’ll notice just how beefy the unit really is.  It is quite large too.  It is not something you can fling around with one hand, and therefore not something to be treated like a toy.

The only real problem with the Push is its high cost.  I’m not saying that the price isn’t worth it, because the thing is built pretty damn tough – but a producers on a budget will likely look at other options before plunking the cash down.  The Livid Base controller might just give the Push a run for its money.  This controller has pads, but also has touch sensitive faders that aren’t present on the Push.