June 12, 2013

Geisha With Synthesizer (Print)

Music and artwork tends to go hand in hand.  They are two different forms of art that affect different sensory functions on the body – but the end result is usually the same.  It is meant to evoke some sort of emotion of feeling from us; and they are meant to be interpreted into different ways.  A painted picture is a static object, meaning that it doesn’t change when we look at it – however, some are more keep to pay close attention to things such as brushstroke or color, and can therefore understand what the artist was thinking or trying to make the viewer think, when they created the art.  The same can be said for audio and created music.  On the very top layer of the song, we hear what the producer wants us to hear, but if you listen closely to the music you can hear the elements that have been tucked away neatly.

The point of all of this rambling is to say that both forms of art are derived from the audience as much as they are the creators.  They are meant to be judge and used, and they should never be taken at face value without actually digging deeper into the methods and reasons used to create it.