June 12, 2013

Mike Portnoy: my best and worst gigs ever

If you are curious as to what it is like to perform for a living, look no further than drummer Mike Portnoy.  Drummers who have dreamed of performing impossible drum solos think of this guy as the king of session drummers.  But even the best of the best have their worst nights, and this is something many DJs can relate to when they are the only ones on stage that can really screw the gig up.  While DJing is a physical hobby, it is not quite as physical and exhaust as playing the drums, rather, it is mentally exhausting.  Sometimes we can over think a transition and confuse ourselves into making blatant errors.

As far as physical injuries go – there isn’t much that can go wrong for a DJ, except when an injury involving the hand takes place.  Scratch DJs are heavy on their wrists and fingers, and those small muscles in the joints can easily be kinked with overuse.  Wrist injuries are common on the cross fader hand when too much muscle and not enough finesse is used.  Still, when an injury occurs the DJ cannot afford to sit back and let it heal.  They must find a way to work through it.