June 12, 2013

Windows Touch and Music, Demonstrated with Surface and Reaktor

Tablets are becoming so common that if you own one now, you are no longer ahead of the curve – you are simply part of the rest.  On the top of the food chain you can buy yourself an expensive iPad which will allow you to play with your DJ equipment in ways you never could before, but if you don’t feel like paying the high price there are always alternatives.  The problem with the lesser Android alternatives is the fact that the technology is just not up to par.  Save these for reading books and playing Angry Birds – leave the hard work to the guys who need the power.

Microsoft has been late to the game in developing a proper operating system and a comparable tablet, but I think that in the end this will work out for them.  Other companies are beginning to develop tablets for the Windows based OS, but the issue is not with the OS, it is with the software that it can run.  DAWs are slowly being ported to this new operating system, but it will be quite some time before all the kinks are worked out and it becomes feasible to run such an app on a Windows tablet.