June 12, 2013

What Do Your Younger Music Fans Want from You?

I take pride in knowing that it was might generation that spawned digital music listening and digital DJing.  We are the ones who took it that next step to where it is today, and while it can be seen as a step backwards by some, it has opened the door to what is possible as a DJ – which is far beyond mixing songs together and scratching records.  When my generation first began downloading mp3’s from Napster, we thought we had it made, but we didn’t realize how it would change the future of music artists.  Now, in 2013, we actually feel compelled to support our artists that we like, and even if we only download their music we find other ways to support them.

The younger generation of kids who are just now learning how to listen to music and download it for themselves, don’t really understand what the music industry has been through.  They demand free music whenever they want it.  I can’t scold these kids for how they feel, since I felt that way once in my life as well – but I hope that they eventually learn to support their artists.  If they want to become producers who are well known, perhaps they will understand how they shape the industry.