June 12, 2013

Audioboo Adds Audio To Tweets

The future of how music is made and delivered is not too far off.  It is really anyone’s guess as to what the next big change in music listening will be like.  Some think that physical media and tangibles will be all but over with in exchange for purely digital media.  Some might also think that radio stations will implode due to the lack of fresh ideas and local talent being heard on the radio.  Out of all these ideas that are floating around, the method in which music is delivered will change the quickest.  It only takes a few clicks to find the song you want and listen to it.  A few more clicks will make it easy for you to download.  Sharing music is also simple if you have the proper tools to do it.

Sending music to another person is not as easy.  Few people send each other mp3s through email, and even though they are small – it just doesn’t seem like the proper method.  File hosts like Megaupload offer incentives to host large amounts of music for download, but these are wrought with legal issues.  How about adding a small audio clip to a tweet?  It is simple and effective, without having to go through these additional channels.