June 13, 2013

Sample Magic

DJs and producer start their skill by learning the most and fundamental elements of their craft.  For a DJ, it is undoubtedly, having to learn how to mix two tempos that are different, and then how to match the phrases from song to song.   A producer starts by learning the basics of the DAW and how to layer tracks and samples from one place to another.  It isn’t until they have mixes and songs under their belt that they begin to look at the more intricate aspects of what they do.  These are the subtle features that separate the men from the boys in this scenario.

The producer begins to learn that not every sound they like will work together, and that certain phrases need to be given more attention than others.  Similarly, the DJ begins to understand that song selection if often more important than their technical skills – but in terms of mixing they begin to mess with the idea of sample volume; and how to control crowd attention from one song to another.  Basically, it comes down to fine tuning small techniques here and there to create a better overall image of what is going on through a mixdown.