June 13, 2013


I have always thought (to myself at least), that the ambient and chillout music artists had the hardest task when compared to dance music artists and other types of digitally produced music.  See, most music had to have an understandable meter or time scale in order for it to be relevant.  Tempos are one thing, and can range anywhere from the Dubstep category to full on hard-style music, but the meter of a song is much more complex.  Anything other than the 4/4 scale is difficult to groove to, and this is why said artists are less likely to use something else.

For the chillout music maker, this is their bread and butter.  When you eliminate drumming as the backbone of your song, you do away with the need for steady meter and head bobbing understandability.  You create the chance for a listener to get lost in the song.  As easy as it might sound to create this disorganization, it is actually quite difficult to get the formula right.  There aren’t very many Brian Eno’s of music production, and there are far less tools to help you create music for this setting.  Sample Magic Chillwave is one of the sample packs that offer the right set of drums for this occasion.