June 13, 2013

Portable Mixer + Soundcard for Traktor DJ + Pro

There is no secret that Native Instruments has been having a streak of successful products under their belt.  Before they introduced the Traktor Z2, they had been making smaller attempts at creating controllers for their software which could be used independently of any hardware mixer or hardware deck.  Their Kontrol X1 was really the first of that type, especially with its vertical layout (as opposed to the majority of other horizontal layout controllers), and its easy integration into both Serato and Traktor.  Since then, they have made steps towards realizing what many digital DJs have always been after, a fully digital setup.

The Z2 could be seen as an experiment into the unknown; they weren’t for sure if such a mixer had a place next to the likes of the Rane 62 and the old favorite the TTM-57 – but it turned out to be a huge success.  The next step was to go pure digital, and bring the package down to size using their Traktor DJ app.  What would accompany this product more than a smaller sleeker mixer to sweeten the entire deal?  Their latest release, the Kontrol Z1 could have been predicted by many, as the pool of controllerists grows greater every day.