June 14, 2013

Supercharge Your DJ Social Media Strategy (Part 1)

While I can understand the appeal of using the many social media outlets available to us, I can also understand why people refuse to use them.  It could be as simple as not having enough time in the day to update feeds and add content, or it could be sheer stubbornness.  I know that when I get requests from people who want me to add their site to my profile, I actually think about it before blindly adding them.  For some it has always been a numbers game – they want to have the most amount fans on their page; perhaps it will help them land a job or add to their credibility, who knows.

Personally, I find that while many DJs ad producers have their own social media outlet – few of them give me a real reason to come back and check on their progress.  It is as if they start a page simply to tell people who they are, but after that it never gets updated.  If you are using YouTube and you don’t constantly update I assume that is okay – but for a place like Facebook it really does pay to be on top of your game and frequent with posts.