June 14, 2013

DJs and producers — show us your setup

How would we know what we want in our DJ booth if we never saw it in someone else’s?  This whole monkey see, monkey do effect is very common among gear lovers and collectors of new gear.  You start out with basically what you need – and it isn’t always very pretty.  Some sets are rather scarce, consisting of only a mixer, and two raggedy turntables.  The tone arms might be out of shape and perhaps you have pennies on top of your headshells for weight.  Like I said, it isn’t pretty but it gets the job done.

Then you have the experience of getting to see other people’s setups; some of them are absolutely stunning.  They don’t even have to use the gear for it to be exceptional – and you wonder what these people do for their regular day jobs right?  Many DJs, being the creative minds that they are, have found ways to incorporate furniture into their non-moving setup that stays put at home.  These are some beautiful rigs that look as if they cost thousands for the hardware alone – but little do we know that these are actually IKEA rigs, which aren’t as costly as it may seem since you have to put it together yourself.