June 14, 2013

Switching To Digital DJing From CDJs Or Vinyl

Switching to digital devices is not really an option any more – it is an unspoken requirement.  If you land a job that is thirty miles away, your employers will expect you to have your transportation figured out.  They’re not going to have sympathy for you if your only means of transportation is a bicycle.  Likewise, the club will expect you to have a decent amount of songs at your disposal, even if you are an analog DJ who sticks to vinyl.  Better yet, if you have large collection of CDs you are expected to bring them with you.  These days carrying CDs around sounds like a hassle.

The longer a DJ puts off the switch to digital music, the harder and more laborious the actual switch will be.  Think about it – you have a rather large collection of music sitting in fragile jewel cases, ready to either be cracked to bits or destroyed by heat.  So it will pay to do away with that format before it does away with itself.  There is obviously going to be a time when you simply have to bite the bullet, sit down, and rip each of these CDs, and it can take forever.  I would say that doing a little bit each day is the best way to get this done without dying of boredom.