June 14, 2013

Atlantic City DJ Expo 2013

There are many different trade shows that take place across this nation and across the world.  The goal is simple: bring the consumers, buyers, manufacturers, and retailers in the same building and let the fight for the right to sell their goods.  The equipment and prices should really speak for itself, but of course the sales reps are always ready and willing to give you a good demo of their gear.  Not every trade show works the same way though, and some are more exclusive than others.  The ones that are open to the general public are likely to cost money for each head in attendance.  Here, products can be sold on the floor to any buyer who has the cash.

At more exclusive trade shows like NAMM, the general public is not allowed inside.  In fact, security is beefed up to prevent people from “hopping” and gaining privy access to materials that were not meant to be made public.  Products here are not typically sold on the floor – but something even greater is at stake, the attention of vendors.  This is where manufacturers vie for the attention of vendors who are ultimately the ones who are buying their products in mass quantity.