June 14, 2013

Deep Purple talk rhythm sections

The way instruments are used to create music is constantly evolving, and that which was unimportant yesterday may be the center of attention today.  Without including digital music, we can take a look at the rock bands who engineered the way instruments are used.  Drum sets used to be extremely sparse, and that was because their goal was not to be the star of the show.  They usually consisted of a bass, a kick, and high-hat, a ride/crash, and a low tom.  They were there to keep the beat while the musicians in the front did their jobs.  The drum solo wasn’t a common occurrence and drumming wasn’t specialized either; you could pick up a pair of sticks and keep a beat.

Since them drumming has become a sport in its own right, and the tables are often flipped.  Drummers can now be the star of their own show, hiring supporting band members to session with them.  In modern times, the DJ is like the drummer who once only had the task of backing up the rapper in the club.  Now, they can take the stage and hold their own whether it be spinning for crowd members or battling for themselves.