June 14, 2013

WoodTones Over-The-Ear Headphones

If you’re in the market for a pair of headphones that sits in the $100 range, you choices are plenty.  You can afford to have a decent sounding set of headphones at this price, but the real option you get to choose from is how they look when they are on your head.  Once you go above the $300 range for headphones, your style options may be limited since you are considering performance above all else, but the $100 range buys you the luxury of finding a comfortable set that actually looks good (at least to you).  You can choose over the ear or on the ear, and you can choose a pretty color that matches your outfit – but what about materials?

Most of the headphones are designed with a mix of polymer plastics and metals – some do a better job of it than others.  You are likely to find an abundance of cheap materials as well, though they might be hidden from your view until you take them apart.  What about headphones made out of wood?  You would think that such a thing would be pretty pricey, but these Wood Tones actually look the part without breaking that precious sub $100 budget.