June 16, 2013

Google Glass Teardown

Well, the Google Glass has finally been released and as far as I can tell, it’s not going to help you get a date.  But those who bought these when they had the chance certainly aren’t using it for style points – they bought it because they intended it on being functional.  I will say this, for a DJ these could really be something useful.  How many DJs out there have spent an hour or more trying to setup a camera just to take a five minute clip of a battle routine?  Once the video is said and done, it had to be reedited and fixed for errors.  The whole video editing process is laborious.

I think that a first person view of the DJ’s perspective will give something to the audience to think about and it allows them to feel the perspective rather than viewing it passively.  You would see two hands floating around in the air but more importantly the viewer would get to understand where the DJ’s attention is being directed at all times.  In terms of augmented reality; well it works both ways.  The user doesn’t have to fiddle with a camera and the viewer can experience it from first person.