June 16, 2013

Jeff Price & Peter Wells Launch Audiam

There is a middle man for basically everything – if you want to buy that newest product from Pioneer you aren’t going to be able to ask the company directly (unless you are buying hundreds of units at a time), you will have to go to a retailer.  Likewise if you want to invest or manage your money, you’ll have to contact someone who knows what they are doing.  Sure, you could figure it all out yourself but it will cost you much more time and money this way.  Working with a middle man can often save you the expensive of having to learn and invest yourself.

YouTube was made so that anyone can post a video of themselves without having to know too much about video editing – but the well made videos tend to attract more attention, so it does pay to put a bit of time into your submissions.  For artists who don’t have the time to promote their music (since they spend their time making the music), there are third parties that will do the leg work of posting videos, posting songs, and they can even monetize it all so you can earn some of that money back.