June 16, 2013

Tunecore Passes $300 Million in Artist Payments

Technology, being the double-edged sword that it has always been, has created an environment where artists can prosper without the help of well known record labels, but as a consequence has flooded the market with too much to choose from.  How many kids are out there producing Dubstep on their laptops, hoping to become the next Skrillex?  When an artist pops up and makes it, there are hundreds waiting in line to take that position if he or she should ever fall from it.  Some of these young artists are actually very talented at what they do, so they should at least be given some credit for having talent.

Artist promotion companies like CD Baby and Tunecore are geared towards these types of artists and producer, who are independently making music but don’t know how to go about promoting it.  Basically these companies will get their song “out there” and drive traffic as well as sales.  Their take their money off the top, but this is money that would never be made without their help.  Both companies have created over 100 million dollars for their artist, which is pretty impressive.  Without them, these guys would be asking for handouts or donations for their work.