June 16, 2013

6 Bad Habits Most Musicians are Guilty Of

Every artist, no matter how disciplined they think they are, are capable of getting caught in some bad habits of music making.  Let’s say that you already have some music made and are now ready to take it to the real world.  Without some sort of solid plan on what you intend to do, you are simply throwing punches hoping that they will make contact.  There needs to be a plan of action that is followed through to completion.  Although we have computers to aid us in music creation as well as music distribution – there are no shortcuts in this game.  Some of the oldest ways of pitching your plan are still the best; face to face.

Cockiness can also get to the head of just about everyone, even the most humble musicians out there.  Once they have a steady fan base, they may think that everything they do is magical.  Having performances lined up doesn’t mean that you don’t need to practice for them anymore.  Once you have reached a level of skill you are expected to maintain it.  Finally, before we can please everyone we have to be able to please ourselves.  Fans will see this and like it.