June 16, 2013

“Good For Pandora, Bad For AM/FM”

The internet has really given us an easy way to search for just about anything we want.  We have access to videos and music on demand, and we even have internet radio to stream in the background so we can do other thoughtless activities (what the internet was designed for right?).  With all of the media that we have at our fingertips, we are still a pretty lazy group of people.  When I get into my car, I have to plug my smartphone into my auxiliary connection so I can play music from my phone.  But then I have to do things like change the song, and that requires me to look down from time to time.

It interferes with my driving so sometimes I just listen to the radio instead.  I might not like every song that I hear, but it is something I can do carelessly without having to fiddle with buttons and dials.  For this reason, the radio (AM/FM) still dominates most of the streaming music services.  Your standard radio attracts 90% of the users, and only a tenth of them are strictly streaming radio users.  It is the laziness that wins out in this case, and is the reason why traditional radio is still king.