June 17, 2013

Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 Leaked Images?

Native Instruments seems to be riding an unstoppable freight train that keeps producing products to level out the competition.  Make no mistake that even though some of their products are simply revisions of older gear, the intention is to keep innovation alive, rather than to find ways to unload their gear that hasn’t been selling.  The Kontrol X1 was the right controller for the right time and offered something different compared to what Denon and Novation were offering.  That was quickly followed by the Kontrol F1 for use with the new remix decks software.

The form factor of the controller has proven to be popular (at least with Native Instruments) and they even worked that same design into their newest Z1 mixer – for those DJs who really want to make use of their Traktor DJ app in a realistic setting.  The second version of their X1 controller has some interesting added features.  On the bottom center of the controller there looks to be some sort of touch sensitive pad, and it isn’t clear what it is actually used for.  My guess is that it is used in place of a jog wheel to scroll through bits of the song or through a playlist.