June 17, 2013

Do I Need To Practise On Pioneer Gear To Use It In Clubs?

It is common and courteous for a club to house different types of DJ gear for the guest and resident DJs who are playing that night.  The gear they use is what is referred to as “the industry standard” and typically ranges from a set of Pioneer CDJs to a set of Technics 1200’s for mixing.  The in house mixer is usually either a Pioneer Club mixer or a Rane scratch mixer with Serato installed.  Other clubs have also gotten wise to the many DJs who use different DVS systems, so they cater to them as well.  One problem that some DJs have is trying to adjust to a new set of gear that is different from the gear they use at home.

Every mixer, even the most basic mixers, will have cueing options as well as EQing options – the trouble is that they are located on different areas of ever mixer, and club mixers with more than 2 channels often have their own specialized way of cueing each channel.  If you aren’t prepared to learn a new mixer on the spot, it serves you best to do a bit of research and try out mixers that you aren’t accustomed to.