June 17, 2013

KMI Debuts Enhanced Note Mode for QuNeo

In modern times, an electronic instrument is only as good as the software it runs on, meaning that the hardware by itself without instruction is basically useless.  The same can be said about electronic instruments that aren’t even digital – an analog synthesizer needs to have its instruments created by experimenting with components.  For software, it has to be taken beyond tinkering, since programming is based on learning a language rather than just trial and error.  For modern MIDI controllers, their functionality is really only limited by what they can be programmed to do, and these developers are holding all the keys to unlock our doors.

The QuNeo is no longer the new kid on the block, but for what it’s worth there is still much to improve upon.  As a modular controller it can handle a number of tasks and can fill the role of anything from an electronic keyboard to a hardware drum machine.  The key is really in the programming and how well you can instruct and change MIDI messages.  Keith McMillen has recently introduced an enhanced notes package that gives the QuNeo alternative harmony and pitch functions as well as a slew of different musical scales.  There has also been changed made to the LED feedback.