June 17, 2013

SynthDrum Pads For iOS

Drum pad and other drum machines are very common apps found in the iOS store.  After using an Android Phone I’ve realized why musicians tend to stick with iOS music making apps – there is far less latency to deal with.  Whether they can actually be used seriously is up to debate, since there is always a bit of uncertainly when a button is pressed on screen and there is a lack of tactile response that gives the user a positive feedback on button presses.  Some drums machines are nothing more than an overzealous drum kit and some actually look like a drum set (which I find awkward to use).

A step above a “toy” drum machine and you are at a level where the drum pads become tunable and the entire instrument can be programmed by the user.  Without going on about synthesizer and patching audio, some of these drum machines can have their individual note settings changed as if you were using them in a DAW.  Items like attack, decay, and tone can be altered to suit your needs.  Overall, I think it is nice that there exists a level between a DAW and simple drumming toy app.