June 17, 2013

Apple Inter-App Audio coming in iOS 7

Apple may be seen as innovators who create trends rather than follow them – but it is the independent developers unrelated to Apple who seem to be making the big strides and taking the big risks.  They are the ones that take an idea and bring it to life, leaving Apple to catch on only after the attempts have been made.  This seems to work out for Apple who only feels the need to develop something once want has been created for it.  Inter-app audio has long since been the bane of music producers and performers who wanted to use multiple programs on their iPad for live performance.  Multitasking on a tablet is hardly close to the type of multitasking that can be done on desktop software – and developers wanted to bridge that gap.

Along came AudioBus and JACK, who worked with several software developers to create a solution that linked audio from one app to another.  Their success was often slow and even hindered by iOS updates that threw a wrench in their workflow – but ultimately it proved to be successful.  This success was carefully monitored by the good Folks at Apple who decided it was time to introduce their version of it.  Rumor has it that AudioBus is now working with Apple.