June 18, 2013

MusicRadar DJ Expo 2013 is coming!

There is a trade show for just about anything.  If you want the best selection of firearms and knives, there’s a convention for that.  Comic book and science fiction fans also have their own gathers, and so does everyone else.  If they are open to the public, it is even better.  Rarely does a group of like minded individuals get a chance meet under one roof around the same merchandise.  It leads to new ideas passing around the room and new networking being created.  For musicians, especially digital musicians, electronic music trade shows are where we get to sample the latest DJ gear as well as the talent to show how it all works.

NAMM is known for their collection of manufacturers who bring us the latest instrument gadgetry, and a large portion of the showing is focused on DJing and music production.  But the entire trade show is not just for DJs.  There are also other vendors who are there to display their latest in classical instruments as well.  DJ Expo is different in the sense that it is primarily for DJs.  Sponsored by BeatPort, they will even hold DJ battles and competitions with prizes and other goodies on the line.