June 18, 2013

So You Got a Bad Review — Welcome to the Club!

It never feels good to hear someone say that “you aren’t that great” or that “your music sucks”.  It hurts to hear it told to you directly, but it hurt even more when it is something you’ve heard from other people.  Nobody like to be bad at something they like doing, and with music it is increasingly difficult to please the massive audiences.  As a performing act, it isn’t always about the music you play per se, but it could come down to struggling to perform live or problems when working with other band mates or acts.  Since music is dynamic and constantly changing, musicians cannot always keep up with their expectations.

Sometimes a bad review can help you as much as it hurts you.  When someone says DJ X is a bad DJ, at best it means people know who you are.  It can lead people to find out more about you and perhaps they will eventually want to learn your side of the story as well.  You should also consider the fact that other people’s opinions aren’t that far off from the truth.  While the method of delivery can be harsh, it should always be taken as constructive criticism that can be worked on.