June 18, 2013

13% From Vinyl. Total Sales Fall

It would be interesting to see the number break down of where an artist’s revenue comes from.  My first guess is that the bulk of their profits are not made from music sales, they would be made from live acts and performances.  Other artists who have been in the game for far too long understand that brand is almost as significant as the music itself, and perhaps more profitable.  These are producers like Tiesto, Dr. Dre, and maybe even Z-Trip who have marketed themselves with gear, instead of only making music and trying to sell it.  Digital music sales might be booming, but the profits from them are slim – especially for the artist themselves.

A single online album that is bought may be copied many times over, so profits can bleed out before they even get a chance to start.  Believe it or not, the type of media has a large effect on how money is made.  The compact disc, while not as strong as it used to be, still makes sales for those who want a physical copy of the album.  Vinyl record sales are even more impressive, and some artists are seeing 10 percent of their profits come from a dying medium.