June 18, 2013

Bandcamp Launches New Players, Tweet To Play

Social music services are keen to have their own way of doing things in hope of attracting a particular set of fans.  If each service looked and did the same thing as their competitor, it would make choosing much more difficult for the users.  Take a look at the way Soundcloud is ran – they don’t fill the pages up with advertisements are large pictures, instead, the layout is music based.  The only thing that you will find filling your screen is waveforms from various artists directly linked to your feed.  They have also made it so that users can find out some information about their favorite artists without getting spammed with pictures or details.

Bandcamp is built with the same goal in mind as Soundcloud, but its focus tends to rest more on the social aspect of the service, rather than the hosting of music files.  There tends to be more attention on the artists themselves, including biographies, pictures, and album cover labels.  It has also been built so that musicians can easily sell their music through the service, rather than only being able to post and listen to song files.  Both have their purposes and can coexist without stealing members from either side.