June 18, 2013

MySpace’s Annual Relaunch

I think that these days, too much credit is give to Facebook and Twitter, but not enough credit has been given to the innovator and pioneers who pioneered the transition from written blogs to interactive blogs.  Blogging used to entail a strict sense of note keeping and personal reflections, rather than a page that sourced all of your works of art and media files.  Maybe only ten years ago, blogs like Xanga were among the top used by those who wanted to share their daily lives with the rest of the world – Then came MySpace.  Everyone who has used Facebook knows why it had to be created.  They know what happened to MySpace.

MySpace was a brilliant idea at first – it allowed bloggers to add things to their website besides written word.  This included videos, music files, and even advertisements.  MySpace also gave users the freedom of arranging their pages just about any way that they liked.  This worked for a while, but it was soon understood that MySpace was a spawning den for spammers and advertisers – and the fun was lost.  Have you wondered what happened to MySpace?  Some say that they are planning a comeback from the murky depths.