June 18, 2013

Rdio Launches In 7 More Countries

I think that calling streaming radio “internet radio” is a mistake, since it really is not limited to listeners sitting at their computer desks.  Sure, we have music on at our desks at work and at home, but we are usually caught up in doing something else besides just listening to music.  Many listeners have found that listening to music on the road or in places where a computer isn’t accessible, are much more enjoyable.  There are multiple ways this can be achieved and it is not exactly limited to the internet.  On your smartphone you can even pick up on radio signals, and if you have the right receiver you can hear satellite radio broadcasts.

Rdio, yes that’s “Radio” without the “A” is a new streaming radio service that has been expanding worldwide.  Using streaming services they claim to host more than twenty million songs from all over the world, with updates coming in every day.  Of course this service is not free and will cost you about the price of an album a month.  Who knows where they stand compared to Spotify and Pandora – but it is clear that there will be many more streaming service providers entering the market in the near future.