June 18, 2013

Do Non-Exclusive Agreements Earn More From Music Placements?

Producer and DJs create music and performances because they enjoy it.  They enjoy the response from the crowd when they mix that perfect song at the right moment, and it is a feeling that never gets old.  Aside from that, the other business aspects of DJing can be a handful to deal with, and the industry itself is not one to take lightly.  Some DJs know the value of using a contract for their performances, because they have been cheated and stolen from in the past – and some producers may have felt the same way when their music was misused for commercial use.

You would think that when it comes time for an artist to sign a contract with a record label they would be more cautious – but perhaps we would all be led astray by the promise of commercial success.  Some record labels will pay for your production costs, but in the end they basically own you.  Anything that comes out of your mouth becomes their property to make money off of, while you simply get a cut.  Some of the top selling performers out there have learned this lesson the hard way and have found it quite difficult to break free of an exclusive contract.