June 18, 2013

Seth Godin On Having A Plan

Before the internet allowed us to find out information on anything we wanted, information had to be passed through more traditional routes.  It might be as basic as newspapers, television, and books.  For someone to be known as a household name they have to be pretty damn important or at least very notorious.  Out of the thousands of authors out there, perhaps only a few were known by the common man.  The same can be said about television actors and news writers.  Today that entire paradigm has been shifted into an age where an unknown person can become known around the world within seconds.

A person with little talent and a lot of stupidity can easily become an online celebrity.  That same person can also use their limelight to create something more for themselves.  Becoming a “viral” celebrity is even more sought after these days than trying to make it through hard work and talent.  Whichever type of celebrity you aim to be, it pays to have an understanding of where it is all headed.  The talented artist can just as easily make a few bad choices and take the low road to success.  Unfortunately, there isn’t really any coaching for this type of career.