June 20, 2013

Music’s Middle Class Under Attack By Forces It Can’t Control

At the lowest level of music production there is a need to turn a profit from music that is made.  Like it or not, music is a market driven economy which has a bottom line that it needs to meet.  The music business is structured like any other business, with clientele who are considered both assets and liabilities.  Music may be a bit different from other industries since an artist may be able to create popular music without the need for a huge financial investment – but the artists at the top of their game who are making the most money, do so with the help of their financial teams.

In the same way that the one percent of the country takes a disproportional amount of our economy, the top artists are also able to bring in the most revenue.  These are typically the pop artists who have enough face time and publicity to always have another avenue for music making.  The middle class artist who even harder to promote themselves are the ones that will see very little in return.  In the end, a business is still a business and will find its own way to increase profits are the expense of others.