June 20, 2013

$11 Million Later, Songbird Shuts Down

With so many startup companies trying to get their piece of the streaming radio market, what ever happens to the ones that don’t make it?  You will likely never hear of them or perhaps you never knew who they were in the first place.  There are few “Facebooks” left out there to be had, and when some type of media or social service is created – it needs to have a financial backing in order to survive.  Without the overhead to keep things running smoothly, there is little a small company can do to compete with the big guys.  Pandora and Spotify have an appeal to both artists and listeners, so there is always a demand as well as a large bill that needs to be paid at the end of the month..

Others, like Songbird trying to throw a wrench in the system by offering open source music listening program of their own – but it simply couldn’t compete with powerhouses like Pandora.  Although this company once had eleven million dollars to work with in 2006, it soon became clear that their system of music deliver was just not up to par with the big guys.  I guess it is time to call it quits.