June 20, 2013

National Music Publishers Assoc. Names New Board

In a creative environment like that of the music world, are there politics and politicians at the top of the ladder that continue to call all of the shots?  There certainly is.  We can choose to ignore the rule makers and follow only the creative artists who fill the pool, but it is much more interesting to look at the players who make it all happen.  It can just as easily be compared to the way our modern government is run.  We have our share of politicians and their constituency who they are supposed to represent – but we need to take a look at the third party, the big businesses.  Money make it all go ‘round.

Every president, no matter where they stand socially, all have interests in big businesses – so why should the music industry by any different?  There exists a group known as the National Music Publishers Association, and my guess is that these guys get to make all the rules and hold all the keys.  The elected members of these organizations are all heads of bigger music organizations, such as Sony and BMG.  These folks are the ones who get to decide the fate of modern music making and how artists will be able to sell their music.