June 20, 2013

Why Your Music Self-Promotion Isn’t Working

Self promotion in the music business is still one of the hardest avenues to take in order to make money.  Ultimately the artist is trying to sell themselves and their creations to a person who doesn’t really need any of it.  They aren’t selling toilet paper or toothbrushes; they are selling sounds and ideas.  Social media has made it easier for any artist to create a virtual resume of their work, but even social media doesn’t make any guarantees as to how much of their music will be distributed.  What makes it worse is that record labels don’t want to spend time developing artists, they want to go with ones that have already made their own success – so where does that leave you?

I guess a DJ can spend all of his time promoting his work and flyering day and night, but in the end it really comes down to money.  If you have the power to work with promoting companies then you have the pocketbook to match it.  There has to be some sort of financial investment on the DJ’s side, even if his work is good enough to exist without it.  It truly is very difficult to remain a self made music artist.