June 20, 2013

“Rubber Band” Photo Series Features Local Musicians

Imagery can be just as powerful as sound, if not more powerful.  When they two are used together they are capable of creating lasting impressions that are more memorable than either of them on their own.  I think what artists learn along the way in their music career is that they have to sell themselves are much as their need to sell their music.  Visual and graphical art that is tied to music can be just as suggestive and sensational as the music itself.  Think of early rap videos that actually took a song and made it come to life.  Before you had rappers in expensive cars and two hundred thousand dollar music videos, rappers would just take a snap shot of their life and the places that they struggled.

It sold the idea and the story as much as it sold the song.  Today, visual artists are trying to bring back the creativity by asking music artists to be part of a series known as the “Rubber Band” photos.  Artists take rubber bands and deform their faces (temporarily) which produce some pretty graphic snapshots when it’s all said and done.  It really brings a new perspective to some of the artists who would never step out of their comfort zones.