June 20, 2013

Take FMC’s Music + Money Quiz

The rules of music making are no different from the laws the govern people, places, and other things.  What this means to the average person is that these laws are hard to understand and even harder to use in your favor.  DJ, producers, and other musicians might know how to produce music that is enjoyable, but they know very little about how to protect their music or even how to get away with using other people’s music.  When a producer is signed to a record label or management team, they usually get to use the legal services that the company offers.  On their own, they would have a hard time understanding or even interpreting the copyright laws about their music.

When a musician writes a song, what are the necessary steps to see that their music is copyrighted?  My first guess would be that they need to register their copyright with some government entity or organization – but actually the moment that they put their music on a hardcopy, it’s theirs.  What is even more strange is that this music an actually be sold without needing the permission of the legal teams and signed contracts.  Of course there are probably loopholes to this law as well.