June 20, 2013

Want a successful music career? Don’t get too comfortable

A career in music is risky, and even more risky than trying to make it as a television actor or movie star.  You see when actors get to a professional level, there are plenty of gigs for them to accept – and even if they don’t fulfill their dreams of becoming a household name, there are always smaller opportunities given to them, and even paid opportunities.  Trying to do the same thing as a musician is harder.  Aside from being a session musician who is paid to play a specific type of music, actually trying to produce and sell your own music is much more difficult.

At this point you are less of an actor and more like a Hollywood writer.  There are tons of writers out there and many who think that their story is the best thing ever.  Musicians are capable of falling into the same trap, the only difference is that writers actually take risks and will “cold call” directors if need be.  I think musicians would be better off if they took more risk and put their neck on the line instead of being comfortable with a structured career that doesn’t advance at all.  Music has always been a risky venture, but it serves those who are willing to take risks.