June 21, 2013


It’s funny how I was just talking about music that rests in the sub 100bpm category.  Around 80bpm the music seems slow – since chillout rhythms are typically on beat at such a slow tempo, but if those beats are double times and more drums are added it finds itself in the Drum and Bass category.  Drum and Bass music is the type of music that draws attention to itself and is hard to be ignored.  It doesn’t have the same relaxed vibe that house music does, nor does it have the emotional connection that vocal trance music gives us.  It often sounds much more mechanical and driven than other EDM genres.

Although it is called drum and bass, the bass aspect of the music does not particularly derive itself from the drums.  In fact, the bass beats of the drum section aren’t nearly as noticeable as the mids or the highs.  Much of the attention in drum and bass is given to the cymbals and high hats which are usually bright and in your face.  By muting the actual bass kicks themselves, there is room to bring in synthesized bass instruments for the actual baseline of the song.  Cymbals aren’t the only instruments that can be used to have that effect.